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New Years Resolutions

So 2016 is here and 2015 is but a memory, we're all looking forward to the year ahead and 'new year, new me' is in full flow. With the onset of January we see a rather sudden spike in gym memberships, presumably an attempt to rid themselves of the excesses of the festve period, though admittedly this is the first year in many that I have not over indulged to the point of involuntary napping. Another seemingly new social trend for January is for some reason refusing to drink for 31 days, I would assume this is some form of guilt also related to excess of December but remember folks "A pub is for life, not just for christmas" and we get ever so lonely in January!

A time honored tradition at this time of year is setting some new life goals for the year, and reflecting on the ones we achieved, or didn't, in the year before, and we're no different here! Looking back on our year we have admitted that we would honestly have struggled to make it much better and we have been taken aback by the regularity of our busy nights and the unwavering support from our friends and followers! Anyone who has gotten to know us over the last 20 months will be aware that we are always striving for better and we will always be looking to improve ourselves.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is

being superior to your former self.” ― Ernest Hemingway

1) Reduce our waste output Waste; how much there is and what we do with it is a massive topic for todays human race. It is no secret that we have to make changes both as individuals and as business leaders and, whilst it is incredibly uplifting and inspiring to see some fantastic environmental initiatives and efforts, we are very aware that change starts at home, it starts with you. With that in mind we are undertaking steps to ensure minimal wastage and proper disposal through 2016 and onward. Earlier in 2015 we bought in steel taster straws for sampling the cocktail balance without having to throw straws away, we can now simply wash them. We are already very active in recycling but we will also be looking to buy less packaging, re-use and recycle more, and simple things like use less paper towels and attempt to utilise more coasters rather paper napkins. The list of efforts will constantly be updated in an attempt to reach our end goal.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

2&3) Charity & community work A major part of what we wanted Tigermilk to be about was our community, we are very passionate to help out within our local community and though we have already got the charity ball rolling we would really like to push on with this good will into the new year. After hosting their christmas party we are now collaborating with the Plymouth Raiders Supporters Trust in building the clubs' relationship with the local community with get togethers, meet and greets and hosting events on Sunday home games. Through 2015 we have been in talks with Plymouth City College and also with the Institute of Hospitality to offer ourselves for training the hospitality staff of the future through 2016 and onwards. As part of this community support initiative we will be starting out by visiting our local soup kitchens and homeless shelters to offer our assistance as a team to some those people who need it most. When I suggested this idea to our team I was truly delighted at the positive and immediate responses to get involved and even happier to hear that some had already been looking into exactly this. I have also mentioned this plan to some friends and family and many have also expressed a wish to get involved in such activities so we would love to open this up to anyone and everyone who feels like they want to get involved in Tigermilk charity initiatives. We will look to keep everyone informed via these monthly newsletters but please feel free to email us and find out what we are up to and when.

“Let us cultivate our garden.” ― Voltaire

4) Further support our local hospitality industry

We already have a long history with training and supporting our local bartending and hospitality community, even before the opening of Tigermilk, with various cocktail competitions, training sessions, discounts and professional bartending courses as well as just being on the other end of a telephone for advice. Unfortunatly 2015 saw a little dip in the amount of training sessions and competitions we put on for the local trade and when we realised, we set out to make it right. Be warned though, 2016 will see more tasting sessions, more competitions, more training and more vibrancy for the Plymouth bartending and hospitality scenes than ever before!

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be

better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

― William Faulkner

Other targets and goals

Undertake much needed maintenace It's no secret that our toilet areas have probably seen better days but rest assured, they are on our list. We have been suffering from an unlocateable leak above the ladies toilets since we opened, the hotel have had several people out to look and fix this but sadly the problem is more difficult than first thought! As well as the leak itself we are looking to redecorate, which is why we need the roof fixing beforehand, we are also looking to replace toilets and make them a little more warm and homely for our guests. We have recieved a couple of comments about them recently and we wanted to ensure you that we are looking at them and we do have plans for the space.

Book share

We have been discussing the potential for a book share initiative at the bar for a little while and feel it's something we can push on with. We are aware that we have a lot of readers and writers in the bar and some of our team have already swapped books with customers and thought we could make something out of it. For the next few months we will be looking at picking up some 'must read' books to add to a swapable collection. The rules are quite simple, leave a book and take a book. The books left can be anything as long it is likely to be interesting to someone and it is something that you personally enjoyed, it would also be lovely to perhaps leave some small reviews on the book you read for others to make a judgement. If anybody has any interesting books they wish to donate to this collection to get it going then do please swing by and we will offer you a drink for your troubes. Watch this space and happy reading....

As with any list of self improvement these resolutions are very much ongoing throughout the whole year as we strive to fulfil them and create more. Thankyou for taking the time to read these resolutions and we really do look forward to keeping you all informed on how we're getting on and any new targets we stumble across as we saunter through what we wish to be a rather spiffing 2016. Kindest regards Mark Co-owner


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